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Whangarei removals

We will always try to determine the most efficient and cost effective way to do your move.

To determine the cost of your Whangarei removals job we simply need to work out what resources are required and how long the move will take.  It may be the case that our standard two-removalist crew is sufficient, one or that other resources are needed.   Sometimes a small removals job can be done with one removalist, which saves you money.

Because of our comprehensive experience, we can fairly closely determine what is required for your job after having a good chat with you.  In the case of complex moves we will come out and have a look at how the issues can best be resolved.  Your best first action is to give us a call for a chat.

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Whangarei Removals small truck parked on a steep drive for unloading
relax&move Whangarei removals truck on the job

What do you get for your money?

Most people looking to move will ask removalists for an hourly rate.  That is an okay starting point but doesn’t tell the full story.  You will find that there are some relatively ‘cheap’ removalists, some moderately mid-range in price and some with high rates.

How much work is done in an hour?

Whangarei removals mover wrapping furniture in a truck
Whangarei mover padding an item for protection in transit

There are standards in the removals industry that enable us to work out how long jobs might take. The volume, the number of stairs, the distance to parking, the weather, the goods involved, the level of care required with individual items.  For instance, a piano or an antique Grandfather clock requires more care than a garden wheelbarrow.

To be safe, our vehicles have internal carpeted rails and up to 80 large (2.4m x 1.8m) furniture pads to prevent furniture damage as the truck body moves during transit.  We use both ramps and hydraulic lifters in order to get both efficiency and safety when required.  The trolleys we use are specialised for use with different loads and spaces from removals boxes through to pianos.

Importantly, everything is clean.

In spite of industry standards there are still great variations in how long different companies take to do a job.  In other words, one company may have low hourly rates but be slow and inexperienced, another fast and rough (known as ‘meth-movers’).  At relax&move we pride ourselves in completing jobs with the best balance of haste along with the appropriate level of care for your furniture – to give you the best value move.

We will always find the most economical and best way to move your furniture.  This might involve the use of more removalists or just a driver, the use of different vehicle types or trailers – whatever works best for your situation.

To find out how our approach can work for you, just give us a call.

Whangarei removals standard rates

For two quality removalists and a large, fully equipped, custom built, clean and efficient removals truck, in the hours between 6.00 am and 6.00 pm, our rates for local moves with a medium sized truck 40 cubic metres – good for most 3 bedroom homes), a driver and offsider are:

  • during the week $188 plus gst per hour from base to base in Raumanga.
  • Saturday is $198 plus gst per hour from, and back to, our base in Raumanga.

We also have other options with vehicles and people which enable you to have the most cost effective move.

We charge in 15 minute increments and have a minimum chargeable time of three hours unless otherwise stated.

If you require work to be done on a Saturday, Sunday or public holiday please give us a call on 0800 006 008 or email

We have no call out or fuel fees

We charge from base to base without a call out fee.  Around Whangarei it usually only takes around 15 minutes to get to your place from our HQ in Dyer St, Raumanga.

Outside of the Whangarei removals area we determine charges from base to base as well.  If we are doing long distance moves to or from Whangarei we will be able to give you a firm quote.  No matter what your job, big or small, we will always try to give you the best and most cost effective option.

Site visits

There is also a lot of common ground between moves.  Most people have beds, whiteware, boxes etc.   Generally we do not need to do a site visit prior to the move.  We are very experienced so we’ve seen and resolved most issues that can arise.  We respect the fact that every job, along with your furniture, is a little different and we can talk about those differences.

If you require us to do a site inspection prior to your move please talk with us about the costs involved.


At all times our primary concern is the safety of people and property.

For more rate information within or outside of the Whangarei removals region please call 0800 006 008