Yes, we didn’t have to endure too hard a winter and the flowers are celebrating.  You may like to meditate with your magnificent magnolias and hopefully you will gain the energy required for the all important SPRING CLEAN!

The wonderful thing is it can be FUN.  Treat it like an exploration of each nook and cranny in the house – you never know what you might find!

It’s a great opportunity for decluttering, and there are lots of good articles around about how to do it.  My BIG TIP is to do just one room at a time.  When you see what a fantastic result you’ve achieved, you’ll be motivated to carry on to the next and the one after!

The huge advantages are: you will feel better, be more organised, have more space, and have less junk.   This will be a MAJOR BENEFIT when you come to move, because most of your work will be done and the job will cost less.  The fact we all have to move sometime, or someone has to do it for us.

Speaking of costing less, we still have our End of Winter 10% OFF sale until the 30th of September (2018).  So if you or friends are moving, and book by the 30th, you will save money with the best movers in the North – relax&move!