Furniture removals packing and unpacking

Looking for furniture removals packing?  Had enough of packing for your house move? Our Whangarei packing team can help to do your removals packing.

The benefits of using relax&move furniture removals packing services

You can have your furniture removals packing completed faster and more securely. To local, National or International standards our Whangarei team pack for maximum efficiency and the safety of your possessions.

We’re quick with furniture removals packing because we’re experienced. We know how to pack properly for maximum safety in the minimum time.

As well, if it’s worth keeping, it’s worth keeping in one piece.  To ensure your possessions arrive safely call the relax&move furniture removals packing team.

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We can provide a custom solution to suit your needs

Furniture removals packing concept. Closeup of man packing cardboard box

The furniture removals packing process

Your home packing team will come in a day or two prior to the move and get everything ready for the relax&move removalists. The way the packing team will often consist of men and women.

The relax&move women will often work on the smaller delicate items around the house, particularly in the kitchen. The men are multi taskers (it’s true!). They are also removalists so you will get to see how well they work and be comfortable with them loading all your worldly possessions in a big truck. Because the removalists know about the needs of loading big items they will properly prepare those as well.

The home packing team will bring all the materials required for the job. If you have some materials already, perhaps boxes from a previous move, we will happily use them first if they are up to the task.

Boxes and packing materials

relax&move can provide all the furniture removals packing materials required.

Boxes used are all of the highest quality for furniture removals. Sometimes we can provide reused boxes. They are of equal quality and help keep your costs down.

We are not a packing company that just puts things into boxes without understanding of moving needs. We know it can be emotional leaving the house in which you may have spent a good portion of your life. We’ll do our utmost and safely pack all those memories you are taking with you.

Just some of the items we pack and prepare

Hi Fi equipment

We have a lot of experience with high quality sound equipment.

If you no longer have the original boxes that’s fine. We will craft special boxes to protect the surfaces and the fragile components, taking particular care with the speakers.

Turntables also require special care.  If you have these cherished,  expensive items, you can be assured they will be in good hands with the furniture removals packing team at relax&move.

Furniture removals packing of a grandfather clock


While most are built extremely well, some antiques contain glass and are of lightweight construction with wood that may have become brittle. When necessary, we understand how to dismantle and pack these items to protect precious components and surfaces.

Ceramic and enamel crockery on wooden Background ready for furniture removals packing

Glassware, porcelain and crockery.

With fragile items we know how to pack them as a minimum, which may be just to go across town. We also understand how to further pack those same items if they are travelling long distance, when they may be handled more, and more roughly. Your relax&move packing team know how to achieve that balance between safety, use of materials and time.

We will always pack to achieve the best and most cost effective result for you.

Cat sitting in the suitcase waiting for furniture removals packing

furniture removals packing – not the cat

No, we won’t pack the cat but can organise a cat transport and minding service for you if you wish.

Pets get very anxious at move time.  Dogs will deliberately sit in the passageways, pretending to sleep.  Cats often disappear, showing their discomfort differently.

If you can, we highly recommend organising to have your pets minded prior to the arrival of the removalists.  Pets are usually fine with the furniture removals packing team.

Your one stop shop

Just treat us as your one-stop problem-solving service when it comes to removals – that’s why we are here.

Part packing

If it suits you better, we can help with furniture removals packing in part. In general the kitchen will be the longest and trickiest, with all those breakables. Some of these items may be required up to the last day before the move. Often it is easier to hand this task over to a fresh relax&move furniture removals packing team member.

Packing alongside you

Feel free to work alongside us and get into the work yourself. It is sometimes nice to have an objective voice to help make those decisions quickly.

Moving in to the new residence and it’s always a big event.  Your furniture removals packing and moving all went well. You have made it this far. Now you are faced with stacks of boxes, furniture you can’t get to, beds that need making, clothes that need hanging… and you’re desperate for a cuppa, but where’s the jug?

If relax&move pack and unpack for you, those problems are solved. We will have happy helpers in place to start unpacking as soon as boxes are out of the truck.

  • They will find the jug, and the coffee!
  • Kitchenware will be unpacked and put away
  • Linen will be unpacked and beds made.
  • The fridge and pantry will be restocked and organised.
  • Clothes will already be in the correct rooms so will be quickly packed away.
  • Wardrobes will be filled.
  • Books will be unpacked into wardrobes.
  • Ornaments unpacked, checked and placed.
  • After unpacking, all cartons will be properly broken down and stacked for collection or your storage
  • Flowers might well be found in all the right places!

Boxes and packing material

We can supply all the necessary resources, including packing materials, staff and equipment.

  • Try to use standard tea chests and book boxes obtained from your removalist. They are stronger and stack efficiently in the truck. Archive boxes are not suited to removals.
  • Use butchers paper if possible as it will keep your possessions clean.
  • Use nothing smaller than a book box (no shoe boxes please…).
  • Firmly tape flat the top and bottom of boxes.
  • Large shopping bags and heavy duty garbage bags are fine for soft items such as light bedding or clothes.
  • The occasional open top box for larger items is okay. We will top load them.
  • Fill boxes to the top if possible and fill gaps with crushed paper to ensure the contents do not move within the box.
  • If it fits in a box, put it in a box.
  • When full, if you cannot lift the box by the open flaps without them ripping, it is too heavy. Please replace some of the heavy items.
  • Spread weight amongst boxes; have two or three boxes open at a time while packing.
  • Wrap all small and fragile items. After wrapping, tape small items so they are not lost in the paper jungle of unpacking.
  • Pack glasses, china and other fragile items in book boxes.
  • Pack books, magazines and CDs in book boxes.
  • Remove shades and globes from lamps and pack in a box.
  • Unplug appliances and wrap the chords or tape them tidily.
  • Plastic storage boxes are prone to breakage and are best put in a cardboard box or left empty with no lid, but use them if you have to.
  • Wrap paintings and mirrors and pack vertically in boxes. Mark the box “PAINTINGS – KEEP UPRIGHT”. If they are too large for a box that’s fine, we will wrap them with removals blankets.
  • Remove the bed ends and bedrails. Tape the slats together please, perhaps in two bunches.
  • Remove mirror arms from dressing tables if you can.
  • Clean and wrap barbeque plates and burners and pack in a book box.
  • Stack boxes away from walkways so our removalists have easy access for the large furniture.
  • Clearly mark the room destination on the top and on at least one side of every box. If they are pre-used boxes make sure to cross out the old writing.
  • If you don’t have time to pack yourself, or it’s getting too hard, we offer a prepacking service.
  • Pack a ‘First-night survival kit’ containing all of your essentials for your first night in your new home – kitchen items, toiletries, bed linen, nightwear, clothing, children’s favourite toys/food, pet needs, tea/coffee, cups, bowls, cutlery, toaster and kettle. Perhaps also, a rubbish bag, the TV remote and glasses, as you may be having pizza on the first night.

If your home is getting cluttered, overcrowded and it’s getting difficult to find things. Relax. Many people find themselves in that situation.

Perhaps there has been some major change to your life circumstance, the children have left, you’re downsizing, or you just want to have a big cleanout.

We can:

  • Sort and tidy or take away accumulated clutter.
  • Empty, clean and repack kitchen cupboards and pantry
  • Make lists of items needing replacement
  • Colour coordinate and tidy your linen cupboard and wardrobes
  • Organise books
  • Organise music and movie collections

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